The Ultimate Fitness Motivation Device

The Ultimate Fitness Motivation Device
Regardless of whether you are a Fitness Instructor, an Aerobics Instructor, a Personal Trainer, a Lifestyle Coach, a doctor or even just a health conscious individual, keeping our client and ourselves motivated to stick to our health regime can be quite a challenge. Progress measurement is important to show the effectiveness of our health regime and to motivate us to compete with ourselves. This Activity Tracker with Body Fat Monitor is a great multi-function device to measure how much body fat you are losing through your health regime with the added benefit of having every features of a standard pedometer all in one.


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Friday, November 9, 2007

Be Healthy?? You Can Do IT..!!

Very often we take sickness as part of life. It IS as long as we do not fall sick every two three four months. Sickness comes and goes but we can definitely do something about it. Isn't being healthy is better than being sick?

Let us take charge of our health. It is never a difficult task. Everyone can do it. YOU CAN DO IT TOO! ^_^

It's OK to enjoy your food. I love food! ^_^ You can never get enough of it especially if you stay in Malacca, the Food Heaven. Enjoy your food by having small quantity but VARIETY, taking bits at a time. Savor your food by chewing it slowly and thoroughly. Let it really blend in your mouth. Let your sliver break down the flavor, spread all over your tongue, tasting every bits of aroma. Even a plain rice taste fantastically sweet if we take time to enjoy it that way. You will tend to be fulled and satisfied with the variety, small portion that you take. The problem is, you may get hungry again fast and you have to eat more frequent. That is what making your metabolism consistently high an continue burn off what you eat. In short, eat variety, small portion, favor your food, and eat frequent. ^_^

Yeap, it is important for you to choose what you eat. But in the case of staying in Malaysia, we can't possibly be too choosy. And my definition of variety is vegetables, fruits, chicken, beef, fish, rice, noodle... and NOT cakes, sweets, chocolates, pies, doughnuts... Well, no harm eating all those as long as you don't take it as the main meals. If drinking a can of soft drink means taking in TWELVE SPOONS FULL OF SUGAR with HUNDREDS of calories, you have wasted your "quota" of calorie intake per day to enjoy other food. Furthermore, the strong taste will over-stimulate your taste bud and may reduce its tasting ability. WHAT A WASTE!

No worries. Enjoy it once awhile and burn it off. ^_^ No other better and fun way to do it then increasing our physical activities. Gymnasium is a fantastic place to hang out and burn fat. If not help your love one to do the house chores, take a walk in a park, have fun window shopping, use the stair instead of elevator, play "hide and seek" with your kids, JUST DO SOMETHING FOR GOD SAKE!! Its OK to watch TV but watch it while doing something: use dumbbell, walk on treadmill, cycle on exercise bike, push up, sit up, carry your baby, tease your wife, anything. Live our life to the MAX!! ^_^

10,000 steps a day is a very good guide in maintaining good health. An average person is already doing 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day everyday. Let us move a little bit more and achieve 10,000 steps and more by doing what I have mentioned just now. By having a device that can show us how many steps we have taken and how many calorie we have burn, we can compete with ourselves everyday, taking one STEP closer to a great, healthy and WONDERFUL LIFE! ^_^ Life is FANTASTIC, DON'T WASTE IT!!

Take care ya all. God bless. ^_^